Elizabeth Craft Designs Hang Out Day In Person 07/16/2022

Elizabeth Craft Designs Hang Out Day In Person 07/16/2022

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Come hang out for a few hours and work on some pages with other fun planner people.

The guidelines:

  • We have a list of dies to choose from - one die per person
  • You cut your assigned set of dies 10 times in either Black, White or Kraft Cardstock - the entire die set.
  • Hand out a set to the other people in the group.   
  • You receive back different pages and pieces to work on
  • The store puts out patterned papers and some pre-cut accent pieces. 
  • You will also be given a pack of ephemera
  • You sit, you design your pages and you chat and you have fun!!!!

Supplies to bring:

  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Ink
  • Other coloring mediums
  • If you want to cut other pieces bring your dies and clear plates

Call us at 561-432-5201 to sign up for your choice of die (one die per person). The die choices are:


  • 1603
  • 1604 - No longer availalble
  • 1605 - No longer Available
  • 1606 - No longer available.
  • 1609
  • 1651 - No longer available
  • 1653
  • 1654
  • 1679 - No longer available
  • 1738 - No Longer Available