Samurai's Secrets Virtual Class with Antonis Tzanidakis

Samurai's Secrets Virtual Class with Antonis Tzanidakis

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This class is pre-recorded. You will be able to stop, start, pause, rewind, and rewatch as needed.

Tools needed: Scissors, Craft Knife, Heat Tool, Spray Bottle, Brushes, Baby Wipes, Ruler, Pencil 

Products list: (products such as paint colors can be substituted. The supplies listed below are by Stamperia. We do carry Stamperia Products. If you do not see it listed on our website just contact us to order it for you or suggest a substitution. 

Substrate: Hard Cover book, size anything around 25 cm x 18 cm, thickness 4 cm Products List: 

  • Metal Embellishments 
  • Primer code: K3P28G 
  • Gesso code: K3P08N 
  • Extra Forte Glue code: DC07GN 
  • Mixed media glue code: DC28M 
  • Glossy Gel code: K3P43 
  • Gold Crackle Paste code : K3P55 
  • Transparent Crackle Paste code: K3P50 
  • Wood effect tool : KRP01 
  • Aqua Color Cuoio code: KAQ004 
  • Acrylic Mattone code : KAL20 
  • Acrylic Cappuccino code: KAL90 
  • Acrylic Turchese code: KAL25 
  • Acrylic Biscoto code: KAL43
  • Acrylic Albicocca code : KAL60 
  • Acrylic Avorio code: KAL12 
  • Scrapbooking Paper Pad code : SBBL95 & SBBS47
  • Collectables Paper Pad code : SBBV12 •Rice Paper code: DFSA4626 
  • Wooden Shape code: KLSP110 
  • Greyboard code: KLSPDA444 
  • Greyboard Code: KLSPDA415 
  • Stencil code: KSAT20 
  • Stamp code: WTKAT19/ 20 / 21 / 22 / 23/ 24
  • Stone paper: DFPCA3 
  • Vintage antiquing paste code: KAOLBR
  • Transparent sheet code: SBA408