New Website

I have been wanting to get a new online store site and website up for a while.  We now have this amazing new shopping site with easier search functions.  We currently have 7000 items online and it will take us some time to get everything tagged correctly.  In between tagging we will be uploading new items as they come in.  You can now search by Designer, Brand, Theme, Art Type, Product Number or anything your heart desires.  

Lots of thought and planning went into this and this is just the first step.  We are going to be able to add rewards and gift cards to the site and integrate our regular website here so that there will be only one website to go to.  We will also be able to add videos and samples to inspire you  We are so excited to be able to expand your online experience.

The cash register at the store will also be able to be integrated so that when new product comes in it will go quickly online.  This part of our upgrade will take a lot longer so bare with us as we come fully into the 21st century.  (although I will still be an analog girl at heart writing everything in my Traveler's Notebook of course)