Picking Paint Combinations

I am going to introduce some different paint colors that work well together. The Paperartsy paints have a lovely matte finish. One of the advantages to using these paints in your art journal is that the pages will NOT stick together which can be an issue in certain areas of the country with different brands of paint. They are fast drying and can be used on all surfaces.  Fresco Paints are environmentally friendly, highly pigmented water based acrylic paints.  Once dry these are permanent and you can write on them with any pen.  You can dilute the opacity by adding a glaze.  You can also stamp on top of them easily.


Paperartsy colors come in shades of 6, so each color is part of a color family of 6 shades.  I picked colors across different families but I will put the color charts for the chosen colors at the bottom of this post.


The first combination I have picked is a more earthly color palette that works well together. I have picked three shades of Blue, One Green and a Brown. These colors go very well together and will give you an earthly, natural, soothing, neutral soft color combination. The greens and blues are all opaque colors which give great coverage and can be blended together well and Toffee (the brown) is a semi opaque


The family color charts


Blue Bayou and Double Denim are stand alone colors for Seth Apter