The never ending move

Well we finally moved into our new temporary location.  We had been at the same location for the last 20 years and we could not have a moving sale because of the Covid situation.  That meant we had to take everything with us.  Everything!!!!  Do you know how much stuff we had accumulated over the years?!?!?! 

When we finally had moved some of the stuff from the back room, I found the filing cabinets I had not been able to get to since 2014.  It took 4 weeks to get everything out of the old location. 


Two moving trucks, two U-Haul trucks and umpteen SUV loads.  But we finally did it.  Currently we have 80% unpacked on the retail side but our class area, that is a mess and will take a while to sort out.  I am excited to be in our new location even if it is temporary but, I will be even more excited when everything is unpacked and organized. . . . .and we are able to resume our classes and workshops