Angelina Straight Cut Fibers Sampler - Forest Floor (AGFOREST)

Angelina Straight Cut Fibers Sampler - Forest Floor (AGFOREST)

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These brightly colored fibers are "Hot Fix", meaning that they can be bonded using heat. In this way, they can produce pieces of fabric without weaving! Additionally, they are excellent for embellishing sewing and papercrafting projects, as well as needle felting.They can also be added to traditional roving in order to add a shimmery touch to the finished product, making them a very versatile material.

In order to heat bond the fibers, place it between paper towel or pressing sheets and use your iron on the "silk" setting for a couple of seconds. Instant fabric! Not only is it quick and easy, it is also machine washable polyester and can be cut, stamped, or adhered as you wish.


0.6 oz (17g)
1/10th oz of each of 6 colors
-Forest Blaze
-Aurora Crystalina
-Gold Iris