Noodler's Ink Amazon Pearl Standard Flex Pen (17044)

Noodler's Ink Amazon Pearl Standard Flex Pen (17044)

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The Noodler’s Creaper Standard Flex (or Nib Creaper as it is lovingly called) is Noodler’s basic piston-filler fountain pen with a flex nib.  It has a slimmer barrel than the Konrad and features a smaller nib.

Ink is NOT included with this pen.

Brand: Noodler’s Ink
Body material: Vegetal Resin
Body Color: Transparent Demonstrator
Imprint Color: none

Finish: Smooth
Nib material: stainless steel
Nib color: silver
Nib size:  M – 0.7mm
Length closed: 5.18″
Length posted: 5.51″
Weight: .42oz. / 11.7g 
Cap: screw
Clip: attached
Ink system: piston filler
Converter included? n/a
Cartridge included?  n/a
Packaging: Noodler’s paperboard box