Suburban Planning Planner Stamp Set PS107

Suburban Planning Planner Stamp Set by Michelle McCosh PS-107

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Designed for those who want to take their art into the everyday these clear, acrylic designer planner stamps, specially designed for staying on top of school work, and having fun while doing it are of the highest quality. For use with acrylic stamping blocks.

The set includes 54 acrylic stamps. Our stamps are proudly Made in the USA

These stamps are ideal for keeping track of all school-related activities to ensure you achieve all you can. While at the same time making sure it's a fun and memorable experience.  Yes, time at school can be COOL

The Suburban Planning line and the PS107 planner stamp set are the products of the creative imagination of Michelle McCosh, a mixed-media artist and designer who pulls her inspiration from urban life.

Clear stamps are designed for use on acrylic stamping blocks. Michelle recommends Ranger Archival Ink for best results.